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What kind of safty Koresol provides for users data?
Koresol uses secure socket layer (SSL) for ensuring security for users data.
How to deactivate my account?
To deactivate your account, after sign in go to my account, by clicking on "My account" link provided on the left sidebar, here you will find "deactivate account" link.
How to reset my password?
To reset password, click on sign in button on the top right of the page, form for "sign in" will pop up, at the bottom of the form you will see "forgot password" link, click on that link to reset your password.
What are different ways to use Koresol?
Koresol comes with total five approaches. You can find all the information about How to use these approaches. You can refer Koresol's introduction video.
How to use Koresol?
Koresol has provided video tutorials, click on how to use to watch videos.
Whom to contact for other queries?
For our contact details refer the link Contact us.